Tjentište war memorial in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tjentiste war memorial

Image information:

  • Name Tjentište War Memorial
  • Local Name Memorijalni kompleks Tjentište
  • Tjentište in Serbian Cyrillic Тјентиште

Tjentište war memorial in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Tjentište War Memorial, nestled in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stands as a poignant tribute to the valor and sacrifice of the Partisan fighters who fell during the Battle of the Sutjeska in 1943. This striking monument, set against the backdrop of the Sutjeska National Park’s rugged landscape, commemorates one of the most significant confrontations between the Yugoslav Partisans and Axis forces during World War II. Designed by architect Miodrag Živković and sculptor Ranko Radović, its bold, modernist forms capture the spirit of resistance and the solemnity of remembrance. The Tjentište War Memorial serves not only as a memorial to the past but also as a symbol of resilience, offering visitors a moment to reflect on the cost of freedom. For additional information, click the link above.

Memorial location

Tjentište, Bosnia and Herzegovina

GPS coordinates: 43.3483, 18.6906