Hitler’s American Dream: The quest for Aryan blood

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Hitler's American Dream: Quest for Aryan blood

Hitler’s American Dream: The quest for Aryan blood

December 20, 2020 Never Forget Comments Off

In the thick of WWI’s harrowing Second Battle of the Marne, a young Adolf Hitler found himself face-to-face with an unexpected sight: two American soldiers, epitomes of the Aryan ideal with their towering statures, blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. This encounter, as detailed by Cambridge historian Brendan Simms in an interview with ExBerliner, would leave an indelible mark on Hitler’s twisted vision for the future.

Hitler’s obsession with cultivating a master Aryan race is a grim chapter of history. Yet, Simms highlights a lesser-known aspect of this dark quest—Hitler’s gaze was firmly set on the United States of America, a treasure trove of the Aryan DNA he so desperately sought. Conquering America wasn’t just a military goal; it was a means to harvest the seeds for his utopian Aryan society.

But why the U.S.? Hitler’s theory, albeit twisted, was grounded in centuries of transatlantic migration. Europe’s bravest, strongest, and most resilient had ventured to American shores, leaving behind a continent plagued by overcrowding, disease, and famine. In America, these European émigrés found their Eden—vast expanses of untamed land rich with resources, a place where their lineage could not only survive but flourish.

The U.S. legal landscape at the time unwittingly fed into Hitler’s narrative. With laws that curtailed or outright banned immigration from certain European regions, notably the Slavic countries, and prohibited interracial marriages, the U.S. was, in Hitler’s eyes, a laboratory for Aryan purity. The legislative framework seemed to echo his own ideology, presenting the United States as an unparalleled reservoir of the “pure” genetic stock he idealized.

This chilling perspective sheds light on a less examined facet of Hitler’s plan for racial purity. The U.S., a nation built on the principles of freedom and diversity, was seen by one of history’s most vile figures as a genetic goldmine for his perverted vision. It’s a stark reminder of how the twisted ideologies of the past can latch onto the narratives of nations in ways we least expect, underscoring the importance of vigilance and education in combating the echoes of such ideologies today.

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